UNMASQUED by Colette Gale

March 12, 2010 3 flames 4

An Erotic Novel of The Phantom of the Opera
Author: Colette Gale
Source: Contest Win
  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: NAL Trade (August 7, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0451221370
  • ISBN-13: 978-0451221377

One of the world’s most beloved stories as it has never been told before, Unmasqued is a novel of breathtaking historical erotica.
His exquisite obsession… Christine DaaŽ heard rumors of the hideous Phantom said to haunt the great Opera House in 19th-century Paris. But its youngest and brightest star knows something no one else does-the truth. For in the darkness she thrills to the deep velvet timbre of his arousing voice, and quivers to the soft strokes of his leather-gloved fingers. He is real. Her inspiration. Her Musique d’Ange. Her liberator. 
Her erotic awakening… Condemned to the catacombs below, Erik has desired his obsession from the shadows, careful to keep his identity, and his secret, in the dark. Only he understands Christine’s extraordinary talents and her beauty. Only he can pleasure her like no man has before. But his sensual power comes with a price-and a risk to everyone who stands between them. For Christine too is succumbing to her most forbidden and dangerous desires-and to the Phantom who’s making them all come true. 

Recently I have found myself trying to read more and more fairy tale themed books.  I was never really a big fan of The Phantom of the Opera, but it included Erotic in the title so I was all for it!

First of all, I have never read the original Phantom of the Opera. I haven’t seen the movie either. I did however sing some of the songs in my Choir days at school.  I don’t think that really helps me though.  I can say that this book does have erotic scenes that I doubt would be in the movie.  The writing was well done, yet I am still on the fence about this book.  The characters were okay, but the ending wasn’t very good.  This book would be okay if you didn’t have any other books around. Not one I would likely read again, but it wasn’t too bad.  Worth checking out at the library at least.


Perfect For Rainy Days From the Library!

4 Responses to “UNMASQUED by Colette Gale”

  1. VampFanGirl

    As a lover of the original Phantom of the Opera, I know that this book won’t work for me. I know and love the original too well to adapt to this version kindly.

    🙂 VFG

  2. Anna ♥

    I love Beauty and the Beast type stories, this one sounds so good. I don’t really remember the movie all that much but I do remember loving the songs. That’s sad it wasn’t amazing but the premise sounds really interesting. Now I’m really curious as to the ending. XD

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