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Okay, I have been up all night with a horrible tooth ache and I just want to share some little tid bits for everyone.
In case you ever get a tooth ache, please try to remember the following:
1. ORAGEL…..You suck!  This crap does not work like it says.  I slathered it on the tooth that was hurting and the only thing it did was numb my tongue and cheek!  Did it stop the horrible pounding of the tooth?  Hell no!  Instead, I was sitting with drool coming out of a numb mouth, still crying that it hurt!  To top it off, the numbness only lasted about 20 minutes, so if it had worked, I would have had exactly 20 minutes to fall asleep and hope it didn’t wake me up.
2.  Kids stressing you out while you have a tooth ache is not a good thing!  All it does is raise your blood pressure, which in turn, makes your tooth hurt more, which in turn stresses you out more! Are we seeing a pattern here?
3.  Pain pills take forever to work!  I downed my pain pills to help and half an hour later I am still cussing and crying because they are taking forever! 
(PLEASE NOTE: This is about the time you will be cussing at your hubby to pull the damn thing out with a pair of pliers and to just go buy you some dentures!)  Needless to say, he likes the idea of me having dentures to pop in and out,*cough, cough*, but he refuses to play dentist!
4. Yeah, aspirin might work, but if I ever decide to put one on my tooth again please shoot me!  Those things burn like a SOB! I had it there for maybe 45 seconds before it felt like the inside of my cheek and lips were going to dissolve off my face in horrible flames!  Kind of like reading about vampires in the sun!  Hell had moved into my mouth and set up residence there! NEVER AGAIN!
5.  So about this time I am pretty desperate! I am searching the internet for home remedies and I found a trick that might work! My hubby even mentioned it! RINSE WITH LISTERINE!  I tried it, it worked for about 20 minutes again.  Slowed some of the pain down but it still hurt.
6. THEN I find out that if you have vanilla extract in your cupboard, it is a gift from Heaven when you have a toothache!  The internet said to put a couple of drops on the sore tooth and gum and hold it there for about 30 seconds, and then spit it out. About this time, I don’t care if my brain is telling me yeah right. Think about it–VANILLA EXTRACT for a toothache!  Let me tell you, the stuff smells yummy but tastes horrible!  But can you believe it actually worked!!!!  Now I was crying tears of joy! 
7.  Time is now around 12:30 am to 1:00 am and I finally feel those darn pain pills kicking in and start drifting off to sleep.  
After all of this, I woke up asking myself……..
Makes me wonder what people did before dentists!!!???
Sorry for the rant, but I feel better now.  Book reviews will resume later today!  Now where did my hubby hide the pliers????? I wonder if we have any more hard liquor in the house as well???


  1. Michelle (Red Headed Book Child)

    I know exactly what you are going through. After my pregnancy I have now very sensitive teeth and gums and they flare up all the time. I have to use special toothpaste and brush slowly, yada yada. It ruins everything!!

    Sorry darlin’ I hope today is better!

  2. Michele_LM

    Vanilla Extract? WOW! I know when the teeth start to complain I’ll try anything. Hope you get to the dentist soon and show that tooth who the real boss is.

  3. CelticLady

    Boy, I know how you feel, I would rather have babies then to have a toothache. Oh, thats right, too old to have babies anymore but will have to remember the Vanilla trick. Hope it gets better…

  4. Amy J - Book Addict

    I still can’t believe something like Vanilla works. My mom said its because of the alcohol in it! Hey whatever works! Especially when you have a huge dental deductable and waiting for the infection to go away before they can do anything!

  5. misskallie2000

    Another tip of what not to do. In early 70’s I had a toothache that would not stop. I tried everything everyone told me to try. Someone told to get some liquor and hold swallow on the tooth and pain would leave. OMG, I think it actually burned my gums and mouth. Never again will I try that one. But I did get some relief from ice pack helded on cheek. Had frozen cheek but felt better. LOL

    Hope you get to dentist and have the problem taken care of real soon.

  6. Paula

    I agree with you on some of those quote medicines and how well they “work” back in the day I think illegal drugs were used more and a lot of yanking of the teeth. Holding people down while the tooth was yanked out. I don’t know that I could handle that any better then the normal toothache.

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