You know what is so frustrating!!!

January 12, 2010 Uncategorized 13

I was sitting here trying to write on my computer because I have been secretly writing my own book.  I was pretty proud of my first chapter and let my hubby read it.  He loved it. I hit save and closed it out.  Then when I went to bring it back up, it didn’t freaking save it!!!!  The whole last half of the chapter gone!!!

OMG!!! Torture! Now I have to try and remember what I wrote while I actually had a creative moment.

Microsoft Word sucks sometimes!!!!

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  1. CallMeKayla

    That really bites! I have too have been writing my own stuff, for about six months now. I would die if all my 160 something pages were lost. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened to me yet, and I keep copies of everything on another drive.

  2. MarceJ

    OMG, I find that only needs to happen once before you remember to save after every great thought or at least page.

    Feel your pain.

  3. Ann Elle Altman

    Oh, I have so done that. Now I’m pretty obsessive about my work. I save copies of my books everywhere: online, email, external hard drives, my palm, paper… But, take comfort in the fact that the moment of inspiration will come again.


  4. SariJ

    Oh this is a great fear of mine. I am so so sorry to hear this happened. Perhaps you will not only remember what you wrote, but be able to do so without a lot of fuss. Good luck with the book. I wish you the best.

  5. L. Diane Wolfe

    Save often and print every page!

    I am SO paranoid about that. After six books, I’ve learned to save after every paragraph, print each page, back up every other day on an external hard drive, and once a month save it to a CDRom. Worst case scenario, since I hand-write every book first, I can always fall back on that.

    Sorry you lost so much, but maybe the next rewrite will be even better!

  6. TannyP

    Writing your own book, hey?! What a wonderful way to start the new year =) Hopefully your rewrite is even more fabulous, Amy!

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